Friday, 28 January 2011

New Shoes

After some good feedback I was finally prompted to get some new shoes from my usual running emporium tonight much to some lecturing and berating from Mrs S about having to save money but she gave up as I sneaked out the back door!

Trouble is with going to these shops is they never seem to have the current model you have and always press the latest "improved" version which have a completely different cut and new lacing system. I have to say though, the assistant who served me was very patient as I ummed and arred about the shoes, pulled them on and off, adjusted the lacing put them back on, shuffled about grumbling and moaning and then finishing her ordeal by me jogging around the store ( I hate the treadmill)

So I have bought some Mizuno Waverider 14 shoes (pictured) and so far feel pretty pleased with them as they have a lot of room in the toe box and seem to fit nicely around my problem toe. However, I nipped straight out of the shop to the Chemist and bought 5 metres of zinc oxide tape just in case I have problems over the next 3 runs.

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