Monday, 3 January 2011


Today's plan was to meet up with some people from my usual club and have a belated 5 mile run around the woods. These runs are quite good fun as you get to have a chance to meet people you don't normally run with. I had a nice recovery run as the speed was not fast and got home ready for the days chores of removing the Christmas tree from the front room and taking it along with some garden rubbish to the dump for recycling.

I proceeded to put the decorations on the sofa along with the lights from the tree but then stupidly pulled the cable and the transformer fell corner first onto my bare foot OOOOOWWWW. Normally I would just swear but the pain was excrutiating!

What infuriates me is I have run hundreds of miles in woodland, snow, ice and rain with minor problems with injury and something as innocuous as tidying up Christmas decs has caused this hurt which is still painful after 5 hours with limited swelling so I will have to ice it and just play it by ear for the moment.

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