Monday, 10 January 2011

The power of lycra!

Imagine the moment... roughly the 14th mile of the Tanners run yesterday and we are stumbling through some fields bisected by a number of fences and make shift fences (read as electric fences), it is muddy and I am more interested in chatting with Michael and George to concentrate on a particular fence which I stumbled into. The top wire was about 2 inches from my groin and there was a sudden pulse of pain across my legs, 2 sharp pulses and I step back to read a sign "Electric Fence"....phew, no injuries but I like to think my lycra shorts and the fact my Union flag shorts probably acted as a resistive

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  1. So you finally reveal yourself Jerry! I remember a guy in union jack shorts and black lycra half bottoms! Shame we didnt catch up on route as I've been following you for quite a while now. I was wearing an orange T with black shorts and skins calve guards. running with my friend Nick Ham. Loved the Winter Tanners, and has made me that little bit eager for more! bring on 2011 :-)