Thursday, 27 January 2011

Shoe conundrum - I have a plan!

Getting ready for my run tonight I pulled my kit on and walked to the door so that I could sit on the step outside and put on my running shoes my Mizuno Waverider 13. Tonight I went to the front door and found the black sole on the heel was loose and in danger of coming off if I was not "careful"

I first wore these back in August 2010 just before the Ridgeway Challenge and have done ~640 miles in them so far! I personally think that manufacturers design shoes so that they deteriorate at about 500 miles, especially around the sole and heel area. So far these shoes have held out, they have been relaced so that my toe tendon doesn't rub (injury from Ridgeway) and have been brilliant trail shoes even though they are primarily road shoes.

The conundrum is that I have the Thames Trot 50 mile challenge next week and still have 38 training miles of runs to do before this, as usual I have a plan!!!

The Plan (or a should I list)

1) Not use them until the Thames Trot and run my training miles in my secondary shoes?
2) #1 above but take a pair of my retired shoes with me to change into at a check point?
3) Buy a new pair and hope that the 38 training miles will be enough to wear them in?
4) #3 above but take my 640 mile shoes with me to change into at a check point?

This post is inspired by Andy Bowen and his 1,000 mile shoes


  1. Hey Jerry,
    Nice to think my frugality has inspired someone!

    I don't think it would be wise to run in the 640 shoes if they are on the brink, as sods law has it that they will deteriorate at the most inappropriate time and could end up ruining your race. Hence why I have finally given up on my 1000milers because I don't fancy a 15km walk through the bush in bare feet - too many snakes and creepy crawlies!

    So of your options, as much as I think it would be great to go all out with the 640 shoes, I believe the best is to get a new pair and hope that 38miles is enough to break them in. You can always take your other retired pairs to change into at a checkpoint if the new ones are giving you any trouble. If you buy a shoe that is right for you, I've found that I don't have to wear them in at all, and can go straight out with them. Provided you have the right fit and a decent pair of socks there's no reason why they should cause any problem.

    There are a number of athletes out there such as Dean Karnazes and Brian Metzler who have done some serious multiday events where they go through numerous pairs of shoes. They don't wear these in before a run, they just slap them on their feet fresh out of the box and bang out 50 miles a day for a couple of weeks and then start the process all over again.

    This is of course easy when you have a shoe company throwing shoes at you for nothing, unlike the rest of us mortals!

    Best of luck with the Trot,

  2. Thanks for the time to comment Andy, I am of a similar mind to you. The organisers are pretty good at checkpoints but it does mean clambering into the back of a flatbed and rifle through 150 bags for kit!
    I think it is worth it if the shoes are playing up and may hang back so I can get my bag on late ;-)

  3. Hi Jerry, interesting, as i have just purchased a pair of Asics Trabuco 13 trailshoes. They are a bit heavy but provide plenty of grip and protection, wore them straight out of the box for weds 10miler around the park (grass/mud/tarmac/dirt path), a little loose fitting, and a i can feel it rubbing a little on my right foot (just need to adjust the lacing i think) and will use them for Sat's 22 to 25miles along the towpaths. So i would go for the new shoes, as 38miles is plenty to make them mould to your feet, as Andy said if they are the right fit there should be no issues. I plan to use them for the Thamespath if it keeps raining.