Thursday, 13 January 2011

Time for new shoes

I have just been going through my running log and have just realised my current running shoes have done in excess of 555 miles! These shoes have seen some action and have run in three trail ultramarathons, the Ridgeway, The Gatliff and The Winter Tanners.

At first I disliked them due to the high cut around the ankle but have found them to be quite comfortable once I relaced the left shoe. I am unsure how long they are going to last probably another 50+ miles but I have to be careful as that is less than a weeks running!

I have made a decision that I just cannot afford this model any more so will have to be looking for a cheaper alternative this weekend in between my running exploits...more of that later.


  1. Hey Jerry, You'd be surprised what extra life may still be left in your shoes. One of my favourite pairs has now done over 1400miles on the trails. I wrote about them when they reached 1000 miles and they're still going strong, although they do look pretty worse for wear. There's not a lot of shoe left, but it's cheaper than a new pair and they are not causing any problems, so I'll wear them until they fall off, which wont be long!!

  2. I hear what you are saying Andy, I am getting no ill affects from them so may as well keep them. Normally when my shoes are wearing out I get pains in my feet and a feeling as though my calves have been mashed with a steak hammer, I am not so far.
    Sundays run they had no grip but we were saying that no shoe whatever the tread on them could have handled the mud.
    I'll stick with what you say and see what happens as money is very tight at the moment.