Friday, 14 January 2011

Tough weekend ahead!

I got a very rough homecoming this evening from Mrs S when I mentioned that I was running on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Luckily the Saturday is the shorter one of about 10 miles can fit around the family movements of work, parties and shopping. There was even a discussion as to why I couldn't go out tonight but then work called and I have just spent the last 3.5 hours logged in fault finding, fixing and recoding my system which failed.

So Saturday is a blat up to the woods and then Sunday is an unusual one as George has managed to find the directions of 27 mile race that passes near our respective houses so it looks like we will be going out for a gentle plod which looks like it is on pavement, path and woodland trails so looks to be a change from our normal. It will also be a test of our map reading and pacing, one thing I will say and that it will be a bit faster than last weeks 30 miler as the hills are not so high, steep or as muddy around here :-)


  1. Certainly sounds tough and busy, but a lot of good tough and busy included.

  2. That is the first run done, an 11 mile hilly road run a bit later than planned as I decided to have a lengthy lie in this morning so went this evening.