Wednesday, 19 January 2011


This is a very common sound if you run with me these days and it is beginning to worry me. I first became aware of this back in 2009 when I went running for more than an hour and put it down to being dehydrated as it seem to get better if I took fluids on board. As George is the guy who normally runs long runs with me I mentioned that he should listen out for my cough and remind me to drink as I am normally oblivious to it after a while; ever so often on runs I will hear "You're coughing" or "You drinking because you are coughing?" or just "You drinking?" and invariably it works.

Tonight I left the house ready to run about 12 miles, 3 miles to the club, 3 miles back and 6 miles with the group. The weather was cool and I had a nice run enjoying the conversation that takes place but now I am home I have been coughing again and I can't shift it, even with plenty of fluids.

What could cause this?

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