Sunday, 23 January 2011

When runners crash and burn

I awoke this morning feeling pretty good after last night's cross country run and got my kit together so that I could drive down to George's house so that we could drive nearer the countryside to enjoy the North Downs.

There was no plan for the run as it would be an out and back so we could go where we wanted and follow any path, which we did and soon found ourselves heading for Sevenoaks. At about the 3 mile mark I began to feel really unwell, I was sweating profusely all over, my stomach felt tight and my legs were beginning to wobble, I was hitting the wall.

I ate a chewbar I had in my back pack which seemed to make my condition worse so in my wisdom I had a carb gel but before it could take effect found myself leaning on a roadside bin feeling as though I was about to faint, after a few minutes things settled and we continued on our way but no way was I going to be able to complete 20 miles in my current condition.

We got to Knowle Park and entered the grounds and was really pleased to see the deer herds were out in the open and made a good distraction. After a quick break of a satsuma and a drink in the shelter of the House we carried and I asked if we return as I was now really suffering.

So there is was, a shortened miserable run that taught me I must have a proper break in between back-to-backs and if not get proper nutrition in me before I set out.

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  1. Sounds similar to how i felt for about 20miles along the Ridgeway in August, not nice. Having used back to backs as the basis for my training for a while it is important to refuel, the legs will still be tired but you need fuel in the machine to make it work. I fueled up on curry, beer and mojito's after my 25miler on Saturday. Not advised as this makes Sunday's run painful.