Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Where now?

I love it these days when I get a letter through the post adressed to me in my own handwriting and today was no different when one arrived with "WINTER TANNERS" written in the top corner.

I was being very efficient just before Christmas when I sent out my payment and application form for the event. The instructions can best be described as esoteric when read and although you scratch your head at first it takes a few miles to read it naturally, examples are as follows:

Ahd over X-TK, thru metal KG & along L edge of field

Which means, Go ahead and cross the track and through the metal kissing gate and run along the left edge of the field.

It is looking to be a toughy as we have to run over Leith Hill, the highest point on the Greensand Ridge and second highest point in the South-East of England at 294 metres (965 feet) Hopefully the tea shop in the folly (pictured above) will be open as it sells the tastiest ginger cake on the top of any hill I know.

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