Sunday, 9 January 2011

Winter Tanners - Run Report

This ain't a race report, this is a run report! What's the difference?

The difference is this was an organised event but we weren't racing it, we were there to enjoy the day out and go with the flow.

I was the designated driver today and rose early to pick up Micheal and George from their houses between 6.30 and 6.40 am then hammer down to Leatherhead train station car park the beginning of the race. Normally on a Sunday this car park would be empty but today it was full to the brim with cars, with runners and walkers milling about in the early morning frost. The three of us were in good humour and went about our business of getting our shoes and back packs on, have a cup of coffee from our thermos flasks then sign out and on our way once the sun began to peep above the horizon.

The first part of the run was on roads which soon gave way to trails and woodland paths which were covered in frost but was soon melting off to show the promise of a very muddy day...we were not to be disappointed.

Considering that George and myself have not tapered for this run and Micheal's training regime is not focussed on ultradistance per se we were extremely strong today and were see to power over the initial hills of Box Hill and Leith Hill. The day was busy with tourists, walkers and mountain bikers so we blended in well around these iconic hills but we could not spend time at the tops but the views were out of this world as we viewed the Surrey countryside in all its splendour covered in frost and mist.

From about now onwards the going got a little tougher as we descended on the downland sections and we were forced onto frozen fields which made our ankles twist and mash as we navigated the course, woodland paths slippery as wet met chalk and mud sucked and bruised our feet as we staggered up hills and stepped climbs.

There were 3 checkpoints throughout the course offering minimal aide in the form of water/cordial, biscuits (cookies) and limited fruit so we were mainly self sufficient but I worked out I ate 6 biscuits and a carb gel (sorry Chris but I was feeling crap early on so needed a quick fix) which is about 400 calories the rest from my home made sports drink.

Miles came and went but at 25 miles we were directed through a small town and then up the side of Box Hill, we soon began to realise the last check point was at the top of the hill! This hill was outrageously hard and in a matter of 1/4 mile we had to climb 436 feet, the steepest section was an incredible way could we run this section but frog marched up and when I reached the stile at the top, turned around, leaned on the fence and just about stopped myself from vomiting!

A brilliant training run of just over 30 miles made tougher by the conditions and as I sit here I can feel my IT band and quads complaining heartily, not in an injured way, but in a heavily trained way


  1. Well done Jezza. How many marathons now? It's going to take me a while to catch up! The summer version was ace. I am very jealous that of your run today but am backing you to have an incredible year

  2. Hi Rob, amazingly I have ony done 3 marathons and done 13 ultra distance.

    3 of those ultras are either double ot triple marathons!

  3. Oopps, I got my date range wrong I have done 4 marathons and 14 ultras...that is better

  4. good stuff Jezza! I am amazingly out of plaster cast today!! Can't wait to be back into it. Give it a couple of months!

  5. Your out of plaster today!!! :-0

    Incredible, then I can see us running very soon