Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"You're not running Jerry, you're waddling"

Those were the comments levelled at me tonight from a sports physiotherapist as I ran in front of him, comments that were so true I am embarrassed to say.

After Sunday's tough run I have heard from various runners who were involved that their legs were very sore, mine included. All day I have been wondering if I should go for a run this evening as I was finding it hard to walk down stairs. I asked a colleague at work who stated that "There is no point in asking me Jerry you are going to run anyway"....shocking comment, but so true :-)

So I drove to the club tonight and pottered over to the meeting point and decided to do a nice gentle recovery run with the slower group and when we started that was when "You're not running Jerry, you're waddling" was levelled at me and to tell you the truth I was regretting the idea of running but decided to see what happened and give in if necessary. Luckily the pain reduced and I then found that my legs were warming up nicely and the muscles seemed to loosen up.

Now I am at home, I have stretched out and had a lovely hot bath I feel my quads have loosened up. Time will tell but I have adapted my schedule to allow me to run on Thursday now so that I can settle these legs of mine.

Secretly I am really glad I did run.


  1. Immune has a blog!


  2. Whooppee, I see there is a lot of hetero man hugging going on there :-)