Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bandana and Shades

I went out for a nice solo run this afternoon, I had had a day of marking scripts and shuffling the family around to various places and so wanted some "me" time.

The plan was to turn East and run for one hour and then turn around...and that is what I did. I had my Garmin with me but it was low on charge and only needed the clock so I could get back for the next set of family movements.

The air was warm and the sun was out so all I needed was my old shorts, my new Thames Trot 50 long-sleeve top, a bandana and a pair of shades...the trails were ahead.

Once off the roads I saw three people, a telecom guy up a ladder in a field and a couple of the local gipsies trying out their motorbike on the locally created dirt track, they were suspicious of me stomping past but they always are, the best thing is to nod and carry on in the same direction and not look back.

Stonking good run probably a little to good as the pace was a little quick for a back-to-back but I was in the mood for a quality run.

Tomorrow will be a little shorter than planned as I am meeting up with Michael and George, the former training for the London Marathon and happy with an upper teens trail run.

I just love my bandana

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