Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chip Off the Old Block

I am absolutely astounded...whilst sitting in the living room this evening there was a ring on the doorbell and on opening it I saw two of my daughter's friends standing on the step bedecked in running kit. My 14 year old daughter pranced down the stairs and brushed past me similarly dressed, sweatshirt, leggings and training shoes saying

"We'll be back in 30 minutes we're off for a run!"

A wave backwards and they ran off down the drive leaving me with my mouth wide open staring as the three of them jogged off in to the distance. I feel quite proud really and hope that a little bit of me has rubbed off on her. What gets me though is that she has a brilliant running technique and would make a fantastic long distance runner but one step at a time, one step at a time ;-)

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  1. Jerry another great post. I have been trying to get my kids to do a bit of running. My youngest daughter did complete the beginners group at the club last year and I know she would be a good runner but she is not really that interested. She has said see will go for a couple of runs with me in the summer which is an achievement, as it is not cool to be seen with dad. I may have a look at one of the park runs. As you say one step at a time.