Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dirty Mudblood

Really good run today, I looked out of the window to note that in fact it was raining and by the looks of the driveway it had been for a little while. I decided to wear my trusty OMM Kamleika smock, my shorts and some gloves.

I was soon plodding up the road to meet my barefoot running buddy Bhundu a.k.a Duncan for an ad hoc ~15 mile run and we headed off on a trail run. I was soon really pleased that I was wearing my smock as whilst the temperature was warm there was a strong breeze and the rain was cooling on my torso.

So to the trails, the mud was soft and it soon saw us twisting and slipping across the pathways, not deep but enough to hear a slopping and squealch.

So it went on, a vague route in mind but with a planned outcome but with the overcast weather and the cloud being so low it was time for me to pull out the headtorch and use it in my hand just to get a feel of the deeper holes in the path.

I am still amazed how Bhundu piles on the miles with just his VFF's but no terrain phases him and was doing better than me in the wet stuff as he seemed to have a grip with his toes...incredible.

Back at home, I found that my socks destined for the bin as I had worn a hole in them and then saw through my mud caked legs blood on my achilles, not from scratches but from the skin splitting across a callous ( I thought I had sorted that one out) so a little TLC is needed for that bit of my foot.

I am so glad I went out again this weekend 2 x 15 back-to-backs and my pace was good to consistent throughout , by gad, I think it is coming together.


  1. good to hear you on the back-to-backs. Hopefully they were your Lidl socks and you have decided to invest in some good quality trail socks!!!!

    I managed 11 miles last week. On the comeback trail!

  2. LOL Excuse me, they are not Lidl socks, these are the highest quality SportsDirect 5 for £4 :-)