Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Don't meddle with the medal

I am not that bothered with getting a medal [read as cheap metal badge on a cheap ribbon] at the end of an event but I have been scratching my head as to the whereabouts of my Thames Trot one since Saturday!

I vaguely remember wearing it on the train on the way back and becoming a tad irritated by it as it clanged and bumped around so I took it off....but where I put it was a complete mystery until this evening.

I am down to 7 toenails now after one dropped off yesterday whilst putting on my socks causing a little snag which has become a little sore today as I walked around so decided to put some tape on it tonight. I went to my running back pack and lifted out my mini-first aid pack and inside the Band Aid bag was my Thames Trot medal.

Somehow I had put it inside a bag which was inside a bag which was inside another bag! I know I was tired but what was going on there? :-)

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