Monday, 28 February 2011

March on

I have just looked at my training plan and a cold sweat has appeared on my brow as it proves to be an absolute monster month. To start I will have to run 65 miles this week comprising!

Day Distance (miles)
Monday 0
Tuesday 12
Wednesday 0
Thursday 10
Friday 15
Saturday 0
Sunday 28

Sunday will be hard as I will be running by myself as my training buddy, George, is off racing so will have to hack it out myself


  1. Jerry

    Interesting to see your training programme you should post this more often. During the week do you always run in evening or do you get up early and knock the run on the head before work?


  2. Hi Clive
    The week day runs are always in the evenings, I am a night owl and hate mornings. The schedule should be for back-to-backs at the weekends but as you may know I am a part time lecturer (second job) and have to work Saturdays sometimes.
    Weekend runs will normally be in the morning but as I have Friday off I thought I would move it to then so I can be a little fresher for Sunday

  3. Looks like your mileage is strating to ramp up, as is mine. I did 70miles last week and 75 - 80miles planned for this week. Thankfully next week is Cycle a Down week. I really enjoy the Ultras, but the training to get fit enough to do them is tough. Must meet up if poss to do a training run some time.

  4. Definitely Mr Immune, we are doing so many miles we would probably meeting in the middle :-)

    I am beginning to feel it in the legs at the moment but niggles are appearing so I am being a little careful

    Must get VLM plans together, Mrs S is on a high state of alert about my "events" ;-)

  5. Jerry why do you need to get VLM plans together, you doing VLM?

  6. Hi Clive
    No I was going to get a charity placement but I just have too much on my plate as I have my 12 hour Crawley run the week before and want to crack in excess of 110 km at the event

  7. Yes, VLM plans are a must, as I have been remninded a lot recently by Mrs Immune. Rob is on alert as well re plans. Are you ok to do the night time (3rd) Mara with me as would like to have someone I know and trust on what will probably be the most difficult part.

  8. Mr Immune, that should be no problem at all.