Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Blues

36 hours after the completion of Thames Trot and I awake to the sound of the alarm clock announcing the dawn of another Monday morning. Mondays are busy for me these days what with a full days work and then an evening teaching at University not made any better by recovery from my weekend work out.

I twisted around, placed my feet on the carpet, rubbed my face with my hands and stood up awaiting my mashed legs to complain.............and they didn't!

Standing up my legs felt no different from any other Monday after a long run, tired, yes, they were feeling tired but there was no hint of the any swelling or localised pains.

Things were looking and feeling good so all I had to battle was the normal Monday Blues things were looking and were even better when I found myself doubling up the stairs at work two at a time, I have feeling a 20 km run is in the offing for Tuesday

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