Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Moonlight Challenge 2011 (part deux)

The countdown is on for the Moonlight Challenge on Saturday and I am secretly really looking forward to it.

In a way I quite like the idea that it is billed as a challenge, no prizes just the chance to run in a safe off road environment around marshes on farm tracks and fields. The route starts at a pub where there will be a marquee to put our kit and drop bags and takes us on a 6.55 mile lap with a drinks station every 3 miles so there is almost no need to carry water as it can be kept back at the starting area.

There will be about 100 people running or walking the course and we have to complete 5 laps. within 8 hours. More during the week but this is going be a training run for me so there is no taper from me although the runs in the weekdays will be shorter that is because I want to be fresh for Saturday night

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