Friday, 18 February 2011

The Moonlight Challenge

It is quite extraordinary that the Moonlight Challenge seems to attract such a group of people; there are people training for Marathon Des Sable, charity runners, runners going for their first ultra distance run, me up for a training run to raise my weekend runs as I approach GUCR and no doubt a few wanting to race.

Most of all, what I love about these events is the pre-race preparation of the Facebook and Twitter banter, what kit we are all going to wear and the age old question of what shoes to wear.

In the Moonlight Challenge there is only one thing to do, wear layers, eat loads, drink when you can and keep moving, however muddy it is. I have no idea about time, afterall I have been cracking the miles out of late and still in recovery from the Thames Trot 2 weeks ago but will take it as it comes.

My race box is packed as best it can be and will look forward to the is going to be a muddy one :-)

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