Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Challenge?

This my Dear Readers is possibly going to be my post-GUCR challenge for 2011, more to come as the weeks and months go by but if this is to come off it is going to be a real cracker and I am excited just thinking about it! I have a feeling some of you may know what the race is :-)

MTA: Whoops I have now entered it!!!!


  1. Yeeeehhaaaahhh, I just love lap ultras and this one ticks every box and it is a NIGHT run. You thinking of doing it?

  2. Yes I know this new one. I put something on my blog about it a few days ago. I would really like to do this but it's too close to the big one in September.

  3. Chris, I must have missed that on your blog, nice facts about the bridge. I am trying to find out how far it goes up in the middle section as that is going to eat away at the quads.