Thursday, 17 February 2011

Not quite a taper run!

The plan tonight was:
  1. Tape up heel, best practice now.
  2. Nice Easy 10km
  3. Heart rate down
  4. Enjoy the run and be back in 50 minutes
It didn't go as planned though; I left the house and trundled out towards my 10km set piece and was a mile in when I saw 3 figures running towards me, 2 I immediately recognised by their gait, Kevin and George, the third, a new guy Andy. Greeting them I made the decision to join them with no idea where they were going although I could easily turn around at 5km to go home.

I actually was enjoying the chat with Kevin and chose to stay with him at his pace at the front and then realised I was 4 miles from home so slowed down to say my farewells to George and Andy to which Kevin said "Phew we can go at a slower pace now!" Oooppss, there was me thinking I was going at Kevin's pace where in fact we were working off each other.

I went off a side street and alley to go cross country back to my house, the mud horrific but not impossible as I finally reached the door. I soon realised that I had run 8 miles in 67 minutes....not exactly Easy pace but I felt really comfortable with it.

Heel taping held up but may add some more padding so that it holds up to 30+ miles on Saturday though.

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  1. We really appreciate your support Jerry - you definitely do not choose the easy option! Thank you!