Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Olympics Games Maker Interview

It was with some excitement I left the house to attend the ExCel Centre in East London to have my interview to become a GamesMaker at the Olympics 2012. Strangely I was a little nervous about the whole thing as I honestly didn't know what they expected from me although I had tried to prepare for possible questions.

Arriving at the venue after an uneventful journey by train and Dockland Light Railway I approached the ExCel Centre and entered the venue to find myself unable to find the Games Maker area after a little investigation of my own I found that the entrance was outside on the river front but was way too early so popped in to a coffee shop to read my newspaper and to chill out.

On entry to the Games Maker venue I introduced myself and my passport checked to confirm my identity and then I was given a name badge and a pink wristband then sent to the Registration check-in where my Passport was again checked, photocopied and then my photograph taken (for my ID if I was to be subsequently accepted).

I spent the next 20 minutes or so chatting with the staff and telling who I was and what I had done in previous jobs. I seemed to spurt out how I used to be in the Police, how I was in the Security trade for a few years and how I lectured at University. The guy was really pleased with my background and then to push the boundaries mentioned that I was an ultrarunner and was 33rd in the IAU World Rankings for 2010 his eyes nealy popped out of his head as I parted towards the film area he said to me "I'll remember you, Ultra Jerry!!!"

We then sat down to a short film from the sponsors and a message from Lord Coe and then went for our interviews. As if by an Omen, I was interviewed in Pod 23, the very Pod Lord Coe is standing in, in the picture above :-)

I have been assured that I will be notified in October 2011 as to the outcome and after that, if accepted, will have a series of training days between then and the Games themselves.


  1. Super useful. Thanks Ultra Jerry. I'm on my way to one now and your blog has helped to ease my nerves of the unexpected.

  2. Thanks for this! I too am doing some prep for my Olympic Games Maker interview which is on Sunday :)

  3. The very best of luck with your interview, it is an exciting day. Be ready to answer a few questions like you favourite Olympic and Paralympic sport and why ;-)

  4. Got my interview for the physical team next week Sunday. Graduating this year so am slightly nervous as to very little experience in my designated field. What sort of questions did they ask you? p.s great blog!

  5. Thanks, the questions were pretty "soft" ones, if memry serves me right
    1) Why did I want to be part of the Olympics
    2) Why would I make a good volunteer
    3) What experience I had
    4) What my two favourite Olympic sports were
    5) How I would deal with ADT staff who didn't get on

    Just go in there with loads of enthusiasm, can do attitude, ask the specialists in the "holding area" lots of questions and get a feel as to what they are looking for.

    Don't worry about inexperience, you have a specialist qualification that will be something that 1000's of volunteers will not have. You will be fine :-)

  6. Thanks for your help. Hopefully it all goes well and that i can use my inexperience as an advantage to boost my chances.

  7. thank you for the comments - I have my interview next week in Gateshead, getting nervous! but your blog allays some anxieties.

  8. Great post, My Interview is this Month at the Ecel Center.


  9. gosh its Feb 2012 and i've only just got my interview this month! It will be for one of the "general" roles. Maybe I am on the list of reserves seeing I've had to wait so long. Fingers cross I do get a role - really want to be involved. Thanks for the help re questions - I'll be going in there with a definite postive attitude. As your interviews were last year - have any of you heard? Have you been successful?

    1. Hi there, yes I did and got a job as an Anti-Doping Chaperone which I am really excited about. The organisation has been out of this world. See here: