Sunday, 27 February 2011

Plodding on

So the training continues and during a reasonable ~20 mile trail run today, George and I were discussing our progress and how we have changed over the last 2.5 years since we started this ultrarunning thing.

We have certainly become mentally tougher and unphased about the mileage and George commented that it was amazing how resilient the human body is, which is probably a damning indictment as to how soft we have become in these modern times!

We were talking about some of our club mates who were running in a local half marathon and how some of them were chasing their PBs for the distance which was an interesting as we both agreed that we were no longer in that mindset like we were 2 or so years ago because of the runs we do that are a challenge against yourself and it was near on impossible to compete easily at these runs at the age of 45 years old now especially as family and work have taken presidence. I am happy if a PB comes my way but I am certainly not making it a priority in my life at the moment, going the distance is the important feature.

On a up note, I was really pleased with this week being that it was a Cycle Down week and the fact we had a really strong, consistent trail run with only a bottle and a half of orange squash (cordial) and no food intake, we are getting there, slowly but surely.


  1. you have pushed back the boundaries over the last couple of years. Do you have any particular ambitions for the next couple of years?

  2. Good question, I am unsure as to my plans as there will be a time when I will have to pull of the longer distances. However I do have a couple of ambitions and hope to d them when I am still young.
    We have family over in Canada and I would love to run/trail the West Cost Trail in Vancouver but that is a pipe dream as it is just so expensive.
    Simpler ones are to run the length of Hadrian's Wall and to run the Icelandic marathon