Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Run, Eat and Sleep

I have just said this to Mrs S "I just seem to run, eat and sleep these days" well at least I normally would.

I have taken this week off having realised that I have a load of leave to use up before the end of March and though this would be the time I can just relax and enjoy myself do the chores and general stuff, however, I have been having really bad sleep at night. I reckon I woke up at least 5 times last night and a similar number the night before.

Today I had to get up and do some run of the mill stuff in the car, collect this, drop that but have been continually hungry but when I have had a break I have found myself fighting the Sleep Monster! Take this evening, I have had a nice Tea and then immediately fallen asleep for 45 minutes.

I have a feeling it is a combination of lecturing on Monday evening that always leaves me wired up for a few hours after and quite an intensive run last evening. I also think that Saturday's run may have taken a little more out of me than I thought it did as I physically felt fine afterwards but my body is telling me something.

So I may have an early night tonight as we have the plumber coming first thing in the morning but I really want to go for a reasonably good run as well to try and blow these cobwebs out of me.

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