Sunday, 13 February 2011


Jeez, I have a feeling I am not very popular (again) !

After yesterday's brilliant 15 mile run I returned home to do yet more marking and to finish a few light chores. I had planned to meet my buddies Michael and George this morning for a ~18 mile run and went to bed earlier than normal so that I would be refreshed ready for a 6.00am rise to run at 7.00am.

How wrong I was, the alarm indeed did go off at 6.00am, I switched it off and the next thing I know I heard my mobile phone go off at 7.10am...damn it I had missed the boat as it would have taken me 30 minutes to get dressed and drive over there. An apologetic text (I think it was) was sent and I traipsed back to bed thinking I could possibly go to the club and run with a few people at 8.30am but went back to bed to be then awoken by the cat at 10.00am calling for food.

So I am a little fed up having to move a load of wood boards, pallets, packing and carpet to the dump, to now sit and do marking.

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