Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Countdown begins

Only 5 days to go before the Crawley 12 hour race around the K2 400 metre track and I am winding down my runs this week as a preparation for the run. Running has been tough for me of recent times and I think I deserve a small taper to get everything ship shape and ready.

The plan for the week is:
Monday 0 miles
Tuesday 11 miles
Wednesday 0 miles
Thursday 3 miles
Friday 0 miles
Saturday 62+ miles
Sunday 0 miles

Thursday's run is open for choice but there as an option if my legs are twitchy but I am feeling pretty strong at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. To think I am worried about doing 26 miles and you have to do 62 miles.

    A serious question - is there any point in doing the 3 miles on the Thursday. The reason why I ask is I have very busy week this week and I said to my wife I need to get in a couple of short runs before my planned 20 mile on Saturday and she said why bother why not just have a rest and do the 20 mile run on Saturday.

    I could not think of a sensible answer?