Monday, 21 March 2011

The day after

I awoke this morning feeling pretty good and as is usual the day after a long run was absolutely ravenous as my batteries were a bit low. Having said that my legs are quite tired and achy today which is to be expected noting my feet are a little battered and bruised from the tough under foot conditions.

As the day went on though I could feel myself getting more tired and made a point of trying to be active in the office in fear that I may drop off at my desk!!!

So, in all, I am a tired little bunny proved by me falling asleep on the sofa tonight for an hour and feeling no better when I awoke, time to feed and rest I feel.


  1. The rest will do you good your body needs time to recover.

  2. Oops having you say that and I have just returned from a sinew ripping tempo run at ~8:00 min mile pace!!!!

    I promise you the rest will be coming very soon :-)