Thursday, 31 March 2011

Deja Vu

Here we go again, it is two days before a challenge and the Race Box and kit are being layed out ready for inspection. In the background is the sound of the washing machine rinsing off my spare shorts, a favourite running top and a comfortable pair of socks. I even have a survey on Facebook asking friends whether I should wear my white or red long sleeve top...currently they all suggest pink, so I better put the white shirt in with some red socks :-)

Mrs S has the car tonight so I will be zooming off to the shops tomorrow evening to get my sweets, banana milkshake, cakes and a nice meaty snack for my plans are coming together, more later...


  1. The best of luck with your race at the weekend.

  2. Thanks I am feeling a little nervous but that is a good thing to be as I am beginning to focus on the mental challenge.