Friday, 4 March 2011

Do know?

I always feel that the training miles only kick in at the end of the week when the Long runs make their presence known. Due to work commitments on Saturday I can't do a sandwich run so decided to run Thursday and Friday then on Sunday this week.

I started of late this evening with the plan to run an out and back of about 15 miles up to Leaves Green near the famous World War II Biggin Hill Airport. The weather is decidedly cool out there so I was double topped, waterproof and a Buff to keep warm as the mist was coming down fast.

I was really happy with my pace and just went with the flow but about 4 miles in I realised all was not right "down below" and hastened my pace to get out of the edges of surburbia to some woodland where I could nip into the trees and "off load". Feeling a little better I continued on with my hill run reaching my turn around point of 7.5 miles in just over an hour (very pleasing). I had a quick drink and went towards home, thankfully down hill, but when I got to the 12 mile mark I began to feel quite unwell again and knew that I would not be able to get home without an accident....thankfully I had my phone so called Mrs S asking her to meet me at the large electrical emporium near where we lived and then limped precariously to the meeting point where she was waiting for me and speedily took me home.

I had reduced my planned run by just under 2 miles not a great deal but I wanted to complete the distance just so I could say I had done it before my long run on Sunday.

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