Friday, 25 March 2011

Maintenance Miles

The miles may have dropped off this week but it doesn't mean the quality hasn't, tonight for example proved that point when I went out for an 8 mile run and found myself doing~ 8 min/miles with very little effort, this was similar for Tuesday's run.

I feel a little naughty when I saw another runner ahead in the distance and I felt the need to hunt him down so picked up my pace and soon found myself sailing past him with a cheery "Good evening" to whizz off to the next junction and turn off ( I love it when that happens)

I am happy with this outcome for this week, lower mileage, increased speed feels really good for a change and to tell you the truth is doing me a real favour as I prepare for next Saturday's 12 hour run at Crawley in which I have high hopes to increase my mileage from last year. So another run tomorrow evening and then a 20-24 miler on Sunday will make up the week nicely

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