Friday, 11 March 2011

Mind your backs

I went out for a cheeky 14 miler this afternoon (7 out, 7 back) and running about 10 of them of trails and path. The weather was cool, dry and felt great to be in only shorts, shirt with my trusty backpack.

Going through the local nature reserve I heard the tell tale noise of dirt bikes and discovered a couple of Herberts belting up and down...I don't mind this too much these days I just get fed up that they are ripping up the fields unnecessarily whilst at the same time being a little selfish.

Next, I moved on to the next section where there is a very famous Romany traveller's camp, the largest in the UK. This is a place where outsiders tread carefully and keep their noses down and not make eye contact where possible. However today was a day where the inhabitants had been roused and were out in the surrounding area, they were out on their trail bikes, the horses were roaming in fields that they are not allowed in and there were sounds of chainsaws...even the inhabitants of the local kenners had gates open and dogs were out.

I was in the area for a very short time for fools rush in where angels fear to tread however I would love to know why thet were out and about.

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