Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pins and Needles

I decided to forego my run this evening to replace it with a walk to the shop and back to get some supplies so with that and my usual walk to and from the station I have walked about 5 miles today so that will do nicely.

As is usual during this period of pre-race preparartion and wind down I have had various aches and pains in my legs but this time it is slightly different as I have had pins and needles in my calf and in my foot. You would normally put this down to say, sitting awkwardly, or a temporary loss of blood supply but I have a feeling this is me just settling down from exercise and also the beginnings of the carb-loading.

One little worry was this afternoon when I had been sitting at my desk for a little and got up to get something when I got a shooting pain in my thigh, calf and foot together! This was almost certainly my piriformis problem surfacing but I sneaked out of sight and stretched it out, that seemed to do the trick.

Interesting enough I haven't had my usual twitchy, fidgety legs that I get but have a feeling they are going to surface tomorrow.

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