Sunday, 6 March 2011

A run of two halfs

So the alarm bell rang at 6.00am and I physically forced myself to get up knowing I would fall asleep again if I didn't, I had a lot to do.

This was an unusual Sunday as George was off racing the Steyning Stinger and there was nobody willing (or able due to commitments) to start so early but I had a plan, run for 2 hours and then meet some friends from the running club for another run out as well.

The First Half
The plan for this run was to run on as little pavement as possible and to get onto the trails as soon as possible not the easiest proposition from my house. As soon as I stepped out of the door I realised that I would be thankful for my extra top and Buff as it has a little on the cool side but plodded off regretting the decision as my legs felt as though they were as stiff as a board but thankfully loosened up after about 30 minutes.
I was soon in the woods and there was not a person or in sight but although I couldn't see them I could certainly hear them for all around me I was amazed by the number of Woodpeckers there were.

Rat-ta-tat-ta-tat, Rat-ta-tat-ta-tat

echoed around the woods, I would move on to the next section of woodland about a mile away Rat-ta-tat-ta-tat again. The next thing I noticed was the number of old ladies that seemed to cross my path along the way in a particular village! At around 7.30am I must have passed about 8 of them, ones with Zimmers, two with sticks another in a chair all I can think of is they were going to the local church but when I passed it, it was closed up...this will remain a mystery!

I soon came to my turn around point and trudged back to the running club meeting place to find the park empty so went for a quick circuit of about 400 metres to then see a car trundle in and the first of the group to arrive so I ducked into it for a little rest and a chat.

Second half
This was a great run as I was met by Karen, Paul and Jenny who were either recovering from races, injuries or just wanted to have company and were training for anything in particular. Soon my little world was filled with chatting and laughing my morale went up as the miles passed but by 9.00 am I was ravenous so fished out a satsuma from my bag and I munched it along the way much to the amazement of Karen.

We were soon out in the country and did a nice loop to return Jenny back for 10.00am so she could get on home .

Extra Time
Unexpectedly Karen and Paul fancied a few more miles which was most welcome so we ducked into the local woods for an extra couple of miles and afterI bid my farewells as the run was just beginning to pay its toll on my legs but left them for another 3 miles in and around the park and home returning for a hot drink and later a lovely bacon sandwich.

A successful week of just over 60 miles, I am pleased.


  1. Well done Jerry sounds like a great run. Running by yourself is always tough. I was down in Eastbourne did not run as still recovering but great to watch the runners go past makes me more determined to focus on my running.

  2. Thanks Clive, I was very pleased in the latter stages, I ran it on 2 carb gels and a satsuma so was flagging towards the end as my legs were grumbling a little. I dug in and found myself stepping through a dull patch so decided that I was getting really hungry and enough was enough. My only real goal today was to break through 60 miles comfortably