Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sevenoaks Circular 2011 - Race Report

The Sevenoaks Circular is probably one of the toughest in the local area along with the Gatliff Marathon and Winter Tanners

The important thing to remember is that the run is not a race but a challenge for walkers to undertake but it is in recent years that runners have started to enter and it always amuses me that it is the same old faces...sadly we are now becoming one of those as people approach us and welcome us.

The started a little chilly but the weather report said it was going to be dry all day so I chose to wear Thin Skin top (sadly I don't quite look like the model quite yet), a short sleeved top over it and a pair of lycra shorts. I was really pleased that this was our clothing of choice as the temperature was changeable depending if we were at the top or bottom of a hill, I promise you there are a lot in this run.

George and my pace can best be described as practiced and consistent these days and we have learnt that in runs of this type it is about 6.2 mph (10 kph) which is more than enough for a leisurely training run and when there are walking breaks and stops at check points this averages to about 5 mph (8 kph)

The event followed a very similar route to the 2009 event we went to and was still very well stocked with food and drinks.

As time went on we noted that are running time was very consistent and that we were well onto a personal best and I was pleased to see that George was ready to take on the challenge of trying to beat his time from last year which was faster than our joint 2009 time so both of us could celebrate if we succeeded. This were looking a little worrying when at the last checkpoint with 5 miles to go I was feeling a tad hungry so gobbled down two Marmite sandwiches and some rice pudding and fruit salad which hit my stomach like a brick and I was crippled with indigestion which was made worse when I ran. Luckily this was cured after about 3 miles when I was able to burp resoundly a few times and all was well.

The last mile was tough, really tough as we had to navigate the paths of Knowle Park and dodge cars and day visitors but we dug in. Getting back on the roads again we ran the last section at some ridiculous pace overtaking a bunch of runners to arrive back at the start again to a well deserved cup of tea and a plate of beans on toast for George both of us very pleased of beating our 2009 times by 14 minutes, George by 6 minutes from his 2010 run.

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  1. Well done Jerry. I think a Marmite sandwich rice pudding and fruit salad would hit my stomach like a brick at the best of times.