Sunday, 13 March 2011

Thames Path

As the training distances increase so it seems the earliness of the hour that I need to rise. For some reason I kept waking last night and even awoke just before the alarm went off so I got out of bed to realise all was not well with the "drainage in the lower field" and had to go to the loo twice before the assigned pick up from George at 6.15 am.

We started our run in the Foots Cray area of the Cray River Path with an intention of running along the path until it joined the Thames Path and run until the Garmins read 14 miles then turn around back to the car.

We had made an unwritten agreement that we would have eating breaks every 7 miles as we have noted that recent times the food intake is a little low and was interesting to see that we had both brought similar food stuffs, George a pan au chocolat ('cos he is posh) and I a scone. At the other stops bananas and satsumas seemed to be favoured.

Some great sights in the early hours of the day, a day when we both felt as though the long miles and early mornings were really beginning to pay off as we seemed to thunder down the flood banks along the River Cray....yes by the end we were beginning to feel a little drained but the training mileage is really piling up now


  1. Well done Jerry sounds like a great run. I am just amazed that you manage to get up so early. After a early start and long run like are you able to do much for the rest of the day or do you end up crashing out?

  2. Hi Clive
    Sorry for the delay in getting back I have been at work and cannot respond because of the firewall and then had to lecture tonight.
    I normally have a set of chores to do after I get back but do have a little afternoon nap of about 1 hour which normally coincides with lunch. I hate mornings anyway so it can be a real strain for me :-(