Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tight as a gnat's chuff

Yes dear reader that is the description of my tired and run weary body....tight as a gnat's chuff!

To tell you the truth I am not surprised of the description as the weekly mileage continually increases, plateaus and increases but I have to admit that I have been silently worried about various aches and pains that have surfaced of late.

Let's look at the pain in my knee and my skinny legs or why I feel nervous on long runs of late. Let's look at tonight when we had (the absolutely BRILLIANT) Mike the Sport Physio visit the club to have a look at any ailments we had.

To tell you the truth , it felt like a confessional as I had a feeling he was going to identify that I had tight, over-used muscle groups in the upper legs that needed stretching out. I still think Mike has practiced some form of Dark Art because within under a minute he had me lying back one leg in the air and the other dangling in a completely unnatural angle. Professional as ever Mike explained that I was tight in the iliotibial band and/or hip flexors and I had to stretch them out and things should improve.

Isn't it strange that as soon as we are diagnosed by an expert of a condition that we knew that we may have we feel happy even though it is a problem.

I left the couch to run home and then "suddenly" everything started to hurt, my quads, IT Band, my knee and my hip flexor!!!

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