Saturday, 5 March 2011

Why am I nervous

So Sunday is going to be a long training, one of the longest training runs I have undertaken and I can't work out why I feel nervous about it.

"Oh come on Jerry" I hear you exclaim as you read this but I honestly do feel worried purely because of the amount of miles I am pumping out and the fact that I will have run approximately 50 miles in 4 days, the equivalent of 2 marathons.

That and the fact I will be running part of it tomorrow by myself and I am already tired just puts me on edge.

So what is the plan, I am going to run out by myself for 2 hours ensuring I get to the club just before 8.25 am to meet up with with some club mates and the run out with them for an hour and a half, I will make up the miles after I have completed that run. Bag packed ready for the off.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, come on Jerry!!!
    Hey, you'll do great tomorrow. Just remember to have fun. OK? And then right after you are done, post about it.
    Good luck. (I hope you get to read this before your tomorrow)