Sunday, 27 March 2011

Worn out shoes

I can't believe how fast I am going through my shoes at the moment, I have a feeling it is to do with the fact I run trail and road in them. I took them off after my 19 mile jaunt this morning and have found that one of the heels has worn down to a point where I can see the foam cushioning through it!

I also note that the current pair have run 4 ultradistance events and training miles ranging from 28.2 miles to 50 miles totalling 142.2 miles. I will be running in them next week to get them over 200 miles hopefully. Some facts so far about my shoes:

Purchased : 29/01/2011
Age : 57 days
Mileage : 424 miles
Av. Miles/Day : 7.44 miles
Price per mile : 18 pence

I will certainly keep using them for a good few miles yet but I just can't believe how fast they deteriorate, I think I will have to get Mizuno to sponsor....I am off to wait for the cows to come home


  1. My right shoe's heel collapsed during my 50k race last weekend. That is with only 420km (261miles) on it. Now I'm back in my older pair with 1260km (783miles) on it.

  2. It is ridiculous isn't it as we have both had pairs of shoes that have gone past the manufacturer's "preferred" distance, your's did an incredible distance compared to my 641 miles. My current ones seem to be OK at the moment but I am just amazed how they have worn out so quickly, I have a feeling it is the two river runs on quite pebbled path

  3. Well 18p per mile is cheaper than the cost of travelling by car and running is much more environmentally friendly.

  4. Maybe we should set ourselves up as a retailer and then buy the trainers at cost :-)