Friday, 15 April 2011

Belly Buster

It appears a new tradition has found a way into my life, the pre-event last meal at the cafe down the road from my office. I even left for lunch early today as I was absolutely ravenous, probably a little too ravenous!

Stepping into the cafe I grabbed a table and a large mug of hot tea was thrust in front of me and sat back to watch the World go by as I chose my meal.

"Two sausages, chips with bubble and squeak please?" I blurted, the cafe lady looked at me in surprise and said "You sure you want both love?" to which I said I did.

Then it was my turn to be surprised the plate was placed in front of me and the portions were ENORMOUS, it was piled high and over the sides. A couple of colleagues grinned over their newspapers and commented "Well she did ask if you were sure Jerry"

Not to be beaten I tucked into my meal in true ultrarunner style and ate, not to fast just right and at a consistent pace, mouthful after mouthful, I completed it but it was a tough end!

So for the rest of the afternoon I sat at my desk ,belly plopping over my trousers and battled hard to keep my eyes open fighting torpor....that is until I got on the train this evening and slept like a baby :-)

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  1. There is a cafe just over the road from where I work and I went in and had a bacon sandwich the other day. There were lots of builders having a fry up and the fry up looked so good so I have decided I will go across and have a fry up after VLM.

    Funny how the simple things in life can be so good.