Friday, 29 April 2011

Biggest Month Ever

Slowly but surely the training mileage has been increasing and I can happily report that I have just completed my biggest ever monthly distance since I started running again 4 years ago, the princely sum of 261.9 miles.

That month of runs contained 3 ultradistance runs of 62.3, 52.4 and 31 miles which make up over half the total distance for the month.

I have to say though that this morning's run was very hard and it was obvious in both George and my demeanour and pace as we battled through a joint 16.2 mile trail and road run, both of us very tired and we secretly agreed that last weeks 31 miler probably took out a little bit more than we were happy to confess.

Fear not dear reader we are still very mentally strong but have to be mindful that we are carrying slight niggles and old injuries that need to be worked on, George, his ankle and me with a sore calf and buttock, let's hope the reduced mileage in the next few weeks will soothe them.

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