Monday, 11 April 2011

Double Marathon

Yes, that is this weeks another double marathon!

My buddy David Hegarty made a pledge to run the Virgin London Marathon not once but 4 times this year in support of his chosen charity The Shooting Star Children's Hospice.

Like a fool I volunteered not to do just one leg with him but two; I plan to meet David at Greenwich Common (Red Start) at approximately 9.00pm on Saturday night after he completes the first leg and then run the route to the Mall, wave to the Queen and then come back again reversing the route arriving at about 9.00am.....sounds simple but I know, just know this will be no easy ride with many a sight and scene to negotiate .

I am getting some seriously bad looks from Mrs S at the moment! Jeez, I have not really focussed on this so better get my head together and get my plans sorted as I have just realised that I will have to run home afterwards as no way will I get a lift afterwards so looking at yet another ~60 mile run!


  1. This will be a silly question but presumably the roads are still open so there will be traffic on the route or are all the roads closed ready for Sunday.

  2. Clive, I have been reliably informed that we will be able to access the roads but will have to respect the road closures and go along pavements and divert if necessary. Apparently it is not unusual for a pre-marathon being run and the drink stations are pretty good about handing out drinks.
    I am going out in my full night kit including headtorch so we may have to go "cross-country" but will respect the 26.2 distance if we cut corners.

  3. I'm at the red start so might see you on Sunday. Good Luck !