Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Day Run

There was a busy day planned of running and visiting today so the day's run was to be a short affair with friends from my club.

The initial question was why I had my backpack with me and the simple answer was I had 2 litres of water in there, not to drink, but to mimic a full pack in preparation for the Grand Union Canal Run, jeez it is getting serious now!

I had advertised that I had a 10 mile route (oops it was 11 miles sorry guys) that would take us on mostly trail and woodland path for most of the way. Meeting at 8.25 am we were soon running off on a lovely run through some local woods even at this time the heat of the day was pushing the temperature up. I do like these runs as it gives people who do not usually go off road to train have a go and get a mud in their socks.

So as soon as it started it finished one of those runs that was full of laughter, chatter and squeals as we ran headlong into stinging nettle patches!

Foot Note:
I planned to have a shorter 10km run in the evening but chose not when I realised that in the past 8 days I have run 105 miles! I am a little sore at the moment and honestly don't think it would have made a blind bit of notice so I am resting up with a nice cup of tea and will probably go out tomorrow.

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