Wednesday, 20 April 2011

End of season drink up

It was quite good fun yesterday at my running club when it was announced that we were starting 30 minutes earlier than normal so that we could get an hours run in and then get to the local pub for a few pints to celebrate end of marathon season. A very large proportion of runners had run either the Brighton or the London Marathon, some for the first time and they deserved a good drink to celebrate.

I chose to run with a slow group as I just wanted to stretch my legs after my double marathon on the weekend and was thankful for the gentle pace. Having run to the club and then a nice off road run with old friends I dried off and put a clean shirt on and then joined the gang in the pub.

It was really good fun listening to the exploits of the marathon runners, their highs and the lows at 18 miles, the aches, the pains and the joy of finishing in one piece. I was enjoying it so much that I think I may have just one cider too many and still had to get home.

In my relaxed state I remember I still had my headtorch in my backpack and doing what I know best went home cross country in the dark!!!

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