Sunday, 24 April 2011

Even Mules Smile

  1. 40 into a 52.4 mile run
  2. 6.00 am and the dawn arrives
  3. A quick carb gel
  4. A joke amongst friends
A quick snapshot in time during David's 4 marathons in 24 hours challenge last weekend, brilliant memories.


  1. Nice to see you from the front, as you were setting he pace most of the time I was generally looking at your back. All I did was follow the shorts and the blinking light. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job on pacing Jezza, really made sure we got the miles out the way without pushing too hard, and with well spaced walking breaks, I was in much better shape than I had hoped at the end of 78.6 miles when you got me to the Red Start. Really couldn't have done it without you.

  2. No problems at all, I am still smiling about doing it. I was spotted by George's wife and children apparently "slumped" on Lewisham train station :-)
    BTW I must get your kit sent through to you