Sunday, 3 April 2011

The evening after the day before...

or a list of injuries after Crawley:

Injury #1
Stigmata...(or a case of my running shoes rubbing in the most unusual place) Never before have I had rubs on the top of my feet enough to draw blood. During the race I had to put a plaster and zinc oxide tape over it to stop the rub.

Injury #2
During the latter stages of the race I felt as if someone had stuck a needle in my lower quad. Today the muscle is swollen and a faint bruise is showing...torn or pulled?

Injury #3
Chafing on the inner thigh...remind me not to wear lycra shorts over a 50 mile distance...I am thankful of nappy cream now, it works wonders

Number 2 is my greatest worry at the moment but I am icing it and hope the swelling and (slight) bruise will go down very soon.


  1. My massage friend Chris always tells me to use plenty of ice this reduces the inflammation and allows the blood to flow and get oxygen to the spot so that it starts to repair. If it is painful apply some ibuprofen gel and ice. I have found an ice cube in a plastic bag enables to to massage the spot directly.

    I hope you are resting tonight and are not going to go out for a little 6 miler that becomes 13!

    Take care

  2. Rest well. I hope it is nothing serious and just very tired legs.

  3. Thanks Clive and Johann, I have been OK today and have walked about 3 miles with minimal tenderness but the quad is still a little painful but I am sure it will be OK soon