Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink

A new email arrived from the organisers of the Grand Union Canal Run on Sunday which has began to focus my mind that the event is only 8 weeks away. So far the training has gone well, the total mileage lower than I had initially planned but George and I have been very sensible breaking it up with a series of ultradistance races and runs which has made us both stronger and mentally tougher.

Now that I have got Crawley behind me I am for the first time after a 100+ km run feeling very positive with an unbelievably fast recovery rate, so things are good.

The GUCR website mentions that there are feed points at 11, 22, 36, 54, 70, 85, 100, 120 and 133 miles so there is an average of 15.25 miles between these points, the smallest 11 miles the longest 20 miles. Due to these distances there is a very great need to carry sufficient fluids and spare equipment for that stage.

So from now on I have decided that I must start training with a "race weight" back pack from now on and so I will be listing out the basic requirements very soon and packing the equivalent weight for training...this is a big step.


  1. When you get to a feed point are you allowed to stock up supplies to get you to the next point?

  2. This is a big step but a wise one indeed. If I'm training for a big race where I need to carry anything I do all my long training runs carrying similar goods. I find these dress rehearsals very beneficial.

  3. Hi Clive, yes you are allowed to stock up, it appears there will be sports drinks, food and snacks. As we are unsupported we will have a bag follow us along the course so we can collect new kit, favourite foods. If this is the case then I will prepare "calorie bags" but I certainly will take little bottles of yazoo banana milkshake

  4. Johann, thanks for your response. I am not sure if SA use the same terminology as UK but do use a "stuff sack" inside your backpack? All the important stuff goes in a little pull cord bag so that you can pull it out without all your kit going everywhere and end up losing it.