Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I am feeling quite irritable after my run tonight, I left the house to run to the club feeling sore and tight in the legs and then decided to run with my normal group who were going to do a 6-7 mile run some off road and then back to the club house.

About 4-5 miles into the latter of the runs I started to get some reall y quite harsh stomach cramps but thought I could get back OK as long as I was careful but they started to get stronger and knew I was not going to make it to the club house without an accident. If I was by myself I would have jumped into the bushes but alas we were in a built up surburban area so no chance of that.

Shouting my farewells I ducked down a side road and hobbled back home to arrive just in time. Afterwards I was tempted to go out just for a couple of miles around the block but thought that there was no point as I was cooling down fast. Now I think it may have not done anything physically for me but it would have been good for me mentally but the moment has gone now and I suppose I can do 12 miles instead tomorrow evening....grumble, mumble, moan

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