Saturday, 30 April 2011

Getting there slowly

Today I feel like Seth Brundle as he slowly transformed into the Brundle Fly after his teleport accident.

We are slowly coming to the end of the training plan George and I devised in November last year and it is soon to see our mileage drop to transition mileage so this is the last big push apart from the worry of injury. We were both grumbling and moaning quietly to ourselves on Friday's runs as the niggles and strains kept reminding us they were there.

When I got back on Friday I looked at my feet to discover:
  1. Dried out old blisters are now peeling on both balls,
  2. My weakened toenail catching (now completely fallen off) ,
  3. My right calf has a strained area
  4. My buttock still feels tight with a slight pull
So after a worrying phone conversation this evening George and I have decided to drive out to the North Downs and just go for a shorter run of about 18 miles but monitor our various injuries very carefully and may just walk parts of it....Mrs S is not too happy about this decision!

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