Friday, 22 April 2011

Hot Cross Run

What a great run this morning, simple as that!

The day started at 5.15 am and after grabbing a cup of coffee I got my kit on and was out of the house by 5.40 am for a very slow and steady jog to meet George at exactly 6.00 am. The morning was glorious with a fine mist across the landscape spilling through the trees in the wood and the dawn chorus louder than my footsteps falling on the damp ground.

The briefing I received from George was it had to be greater than 26.2 miles and so I had in mind a run that was about 28 miles but had only mapped it to 24 miles so that we could decide the route home from the North Downs on the fly.

The route we were to take was made up of a number of well trodden paths we have made over the years but as the distance was that little bit longer than normal they were connected together with short distances of about 1 mile. The speed as usual was the set 5 mph we set ourselves for these long runs and we covered the ground well but as the time went on it soon became apparent that that it was getting very hot as the mist burnt off and where we were drinking small amounts we were soon looking for sources of water such as church taps and garage hose pipes.

There was a sense that "mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun" and we were setting ourselves a goal to get back before 12 noon which we just about managed to do as we departed from our usual meeting point both feeling tired but happy from the run.

I left George to get home and as I entered the last 3/4 mile I heard my name been shouted and looking around I saw it was my good friend Brian a fantastic runner who has run many an ultradistance run, almost inspirational and capable athlete in his time. I took a thankful break in the shade of an old tree to catch up on the news but water was low and it was getting hotter so I said my farewells to arrive home having done a wonderful 50km run.

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