Thursday, 21 April 2011

In Case of Emergency - I.C.E

A very sad story was reported in a South London newspaper today about a runner who collapsed and died on Blackheath on Tuesday 19th April. What makes it so poignant is this was the start of the Virgin London Marathon just two days before.

What makes it even more sad is nobody knows who the runner is as he was carrying no name and address details or a mobile phone so pleas have been made to the public who may know him.

I have always been very mindful of carrying identification but normally do this in the form of my mobile phone and prefix my wife's and my home telephone number with the letters I.C.E (In Case of Emergency). Here in the UK it is a recognised method for an emergency worker from the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade to notify and get information from a next of kin. So with this sad story it is a good reminder for all runners/walkers/cyclists to carry I.C.E information whenever you step out on the streets, even for short distances

Full story here

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  1. Very sensible I think I will carry some ID when out by myself.